vendredi 31 octobre 2008

Little Riding Hood went to school



Anne-Marie or should I say, tall riding hood ? she's taller than I am.... went to school all dressed up this morning. I just love these wood earrings I got in Québec City about 10 years ago.

Thought it would go well with the theme. I'm just wondering if riding hood is the right name. In french it is Le petit chaperon rouge but I don't think it's in my french/english dictionnary... But anyways...

Isn't she cute?

Those pictures are blurry! I don't know what's wrong with my camera ... maybe the problem is the photographer. I'll have to ask my friend Brigitte for a course in digital photography 101.

In the meantime, I could dress this little one as the big bad wolf? He looks so innocent not knowing what coming.... hihi NO! I'm kidding....

It would be fun if you could all take pics of kids tonight and post them. T

3 commentaires:

  1. Yes, "riding hood" is correct in English! Thanks for visiting my blog & for your comment. I love that yo yo bag!

  2. Yes, "riding hood" is correct in English. Thanks for visiting my blog and commenting. I love that yo yo bag! Your dog is so cute! He would be a great "big bad wolf!"

  3. What a great costume! And yes, that adorable dog should be the big bad wolf. Too fun!