mercredi 29 octobre 2008

Toasty blanket anyone?

I woke up this morning to this....YIKES!

Open the TV and the weather girl tells us that where our cottage is there were 19 cm of snow! We were there two weeks ago and the trees were starting to change colors but still green and we were comfy with our sweatshirts. How can it change so fast? I guess mother Nature is trying to tell us to take care of her.

So I decided to treat us to a toasty blanket for breakfast

Thanks to Silja Devina for sharing her lovely flower granny square on Those granny squares can be addictive. I started with a blanket for a crib but I guess it will end up big enough for a simple bed. I though about lining it with a nice cotton fabric. Is anybody have any advice for lining a blanket? I have absolutely no idea how to do this.

BTW don't mind the date of the picture. My nephew played with my camera and I guess he changed the date on it.

My mom in law gave the dogs a little halloween treat. New costumes! By the way they look on these pictures I guess we'll forget about it. Lulu was kind of terrified and wouldn't move and Max was ready to jump off the counter and eat that darn hat. Anne-Marie will be dressed as little riding hood for her school party on friday. I'm almost finished sewing it and will post a picture on friday.

I guess if it doesn't get warmer by friday, Anne-Marie will be dressed as a hockey player or better yet, a snowmobile driver!

Bye bye for now, Maggie

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  1. I'm STUPID!!! Really! A nice blogger friend took the time to comment and answer a question I had. I deleted instead of publishing the comment. I'm new at this and even though my template is in french, help on blogspot in in english so, I have to research the technical terms. But I'll learn as I go. So please!!!
    Forgive me. It was not intentional.
    Bisou, Maggie