mardi 28 octobre 2008

My name is Maggie, no really it is Marguerite but easier to say Maggie in english.

I live in Montréal, Québec and will be sharing with you my thoughts, my life, my crafts, my pictures. I am french but decided to blog in english to reach more people but occasionnaly will post in french for my friends . So please bear with me if you see some words not written properly or if I don't make sense let me know. I hope to make new friends !

Slowly I will introduce myself, my family, my crafts, pictures of my life in town and in the country. I will start today with one of the two bosses of our family, my dog Lulu.

Isn't she cute?

I will introduce you to the other boss tomorrow after finding a decent picture of Mr. Maximillian the jack russell or if you prefer, Max.
So I hope to hear from you very soon and don't hesitate to message me!

A la prochaine mes amies, Maggie xox
PS, tous mes messages en français seront en mauve afin de faciliter le repérage

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