vendredi 14 novembre 2008

My first tutorial so please bear with me!

I'd like to share this little christmas tree. It is crocheted in the amigurumi way.
I've done my best translating from french to english, so if you're a good crocheter and you find errors please tell me and I'll correct it.
You'll need about 50gr of worsted wool and a size 3mm crochet or whatever size you feel comfortable with but it has to be tight. This is worked all around so mark your first st. (I used a safety pin) and move it up with your rows.

1st step, the base or the floor if you prefer.

chain 2 st.
1- 5 single crochet (sc) in second stitch
2- (1 sc, inc. 2 sc in next st.) repeat all around
3- same as above
4- inc. 2 in all st.
5- (1 sc, inc. 2 sc in next st.) repeat all around
6- same as above
7- (2 sc inc. 2 in next st.)repeat all around

You should have a circle of 56 st.

Now the tree. From this point on, you can work in fur st. but if you're not comfortable with it you can work in sc and when the tree is finished you can embroider the needles with yarn and a wool needle. That's what I did. You just work from the base to the top and work loops around every sc. If you want to give a try with the fur st. and don't know how to do it, here's a link to a nice tutorial.

1- work all around in sc. and anywhere around the row, make 4 st. in chain st. and re-attach 4 st. away. this will form a slit at the base for stuffing or putting a weight if you wish. The circle in this picture is made with much bigger yarn to make it more visible.

2- Work in rounds, decreasing 4 stitches (1 at a time) across the row as evenly as possible every 2 rows - 9 times (18 rows total and 36 decreases)

3- Decrease 2 stitches every 2 rows - twice

4- Decrease every row 2 st. until you have only 2 left. With a wool needle pass yarn through loops and pull the yarn inside the tree.

Stuff tightly and place a weight at the base if you want.

Decorate with beads or whatever you please.

I'd love to see yours but I have no idea how to post your pictures on my blog. I've seen links to flickr groups so people can show their done projects. If you have the time or the patience to tell me how to do this with blogger, you'd be an angel. I'm not the techno type but if you want to help a stupid blogger, please tell me in my comments or ask for my e-mail.

Bye bye for now!

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  1. Thank you for the tutorial. I was looking for a tree to make, and that one is a cute one!