mardi 4 novembre 2008

See what happens....

See what happens when you dress up your dog in a Halloween costume? Now she thinks she's a kid! With a little coaxing and she did it!!!! Maybe small but full of gutts!

Now what do I do with this sweater? Everybody that saw it think that the wrong side is the right side. What do you think? Personally, I prefer the right side. I love that ribbing, its large and very stretchy. I'll scan the picture of the pattern tonight and post it tomorrow.

right side

wrong side

I KNOW!!! I'm a lousy photographer! I'll have to do something about this.

the ribbing

Oh boy... Brigitte tu dois m'aider à prendre de jolies photos... This yarn is acrylic and I hate acrylic yarn. My mom had a yarn store a few years ago and sold it. We ended up with boxes of yarn and I decided to knit it all before buying new yarns. So next time I walked in front of my favourite LYS, I'll have to close my eyes and think about something else! (sigh)

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  1. Thanks for visiting my blog! I love fiber work! I used to do free-form crochet/knit designs, but haven't had time in recent years.

    PS-I hate acrylic yarn too, although I do love a good 50% cotton/50% acrylic. :)