vendredi 7 novembre 2008

New book, new ideas?

We have the most fantastic public library system! I saw a book advertise the other day on a french website and thought... I WANT THAT BOOK! Open our library website, check it out, nope! Send an e-mail from my library customer account, ask for the book, and two weeks later, get a phone call from the lady of the library front desk that never learned to smile....VOILÀ!!!!

There's 22 patterns in this book all beautifully illustrated with pictured tutorials and patterns all in color and easy to follow. I don't know if it's available in english but you can check it out with ISBN #10: 2-215-07802-2 and ISBN #13: 978-2-215-07802-2
Published by Fleurus Paris 2006. The authors are Marie Enderlen-Debuisson and Caroline Laisné.

The felt one on the cover is very nice. They use all kind of materials from ordinary cotton to plastic tubing used for aquarium filters!

Here is some of my favourites

I told you they were cute! I think that most of you can follow the directions even in french because it's so well explained with drawings and pictures.
In the meantime, I'll be at the cottage this week-end working on the two cute patterns I received from Panet June and hope to be finished so I can post some pictures next week. I will receive some nice wool from Martha's vineyard fiber farm soon so I'll be looking at patterns too.
BTW Have you visited MVFF web site and blog? These sheep can melt your heart with one glance. Check it out, Susan is a very nice person and she has a beautiful adventure to share with all of us knitters and crafters. So I'll post all comments and read e-mails on sunday night when I'm back from paradise!
PS Feel free to comment or ask for some more pictures from the book. There's more!
Salut les filles! Avez-vous vu ce fantastique livre? Les images parlent d'elles-mêmes n'est-ce-pas? Chose certaine, je vais tenter de faire celui en feutre gris c'est certain! Il s'agit maintenant de trouver le feutre. Je pense que je pourrai trouver ça chez CM Textiles ou peut-être chez Club Tissus. Si jamais vous en trouvez, SVP envoyer moi un courriel personnel!!! En attendant, je vais au chalet en fin de semaine. Lantier, here I come. Youppi...........

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  1. WOW Marguerite... that is great book! I love the photography too. Thanks for letting me know about it -and your sweet comment as well!